Waste Compactors

Compactor - UKPrecision-engineered Harpac Waste Compactors

When space is at a premium, using large storage bins to hold your refuse isn’t a sensible use of your resources. That’s where UK Chutes’ range of waste compactors comes in.

We carry a full range of Harpac commercial, static, portable, chute fed and catering compactors, which are designed to link up with your refuse chute systems and reduce the volume of waste created by industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

After a consultation, we’ll recommend one of the following compactors, based upon your building’s needs, requirements and refuse volumes.

Commercial Compactors:

  • Harpac 330 Bin Press
  • Harpac 1100 Bin Press
  • Harpac Bergmann R1250
  • Harpac Bergmann APS 600/800
  • Harpac Bergmann GP 1500 Gyro-packer

Static Compactors:

  • Harpac Presto Models RHD/SHD

Portable Compactors:

  • Harpac Presto Models HAN/HA/HG

Chute Fed Compactors:

  • Harpac H70
  • Harpac H5, H6 & H8
  • Harpac H100
  • Harpac H150
  • Harpac H250

Catering Compactors:

  • Harpac 706

For the full technical specifications of any of our compactors, please contact UK Chutes today. We’ll discuss your requirements and suggest the correct compactor for your needs.