Food Waste Chutes

Dispose of Food Waste Quickly and Easily

When large numbers of people need to be fed, large amounts of food waste is created. Disposing of this quickly, efficiently and cleanly is of paramount importance – especially in buildings such as hotels and hospitals.

UK Chutes’ food waste chutes allow food waste to be disposed of in a quick and efficient manner. And thanks to our built in extractor fans, automatic cleaners and secure bins, unwanted smells and pests are kept at bay too.

UK Chutes recommend pairing our food waste chutes with one of our waste compactors, to ensure efficient and hygienic waste disposal.

Technical Specifications

Internal Food Waste Chutes:

Designed for commercial use in hotels and hospitals, internal chutes are designed for fast, hygienic food disposal.

Materials: Typically 1.5mm stainless steel (other materials & thicknesses available)
Sizes: Internal diameter of 450mm – 800mm (recommended diameter is 600mm)
Accessories: Exhaust fans, automated cleaning systems and fire control accessories available
External Food Waste Chutes:

If an internal food waste chute cannot be installed for space reasons, our external food waste chutes can be installed quickly and easily with a minimum of disruption.

Sizes: Outer cladding of between 550 – 900mm surrounds a 50mm insulation layer and an internal chute of between 450mm – 800mm diameter
Finish: Powder coating can be applied to co-ordinate with the building’s existing colour scheme

For a no-obligation quote, or further information on our food waste chutes, please contact UK Chutes today.