Refuse Chute Hopper Doors

Secure, Safe and Fire-Resistant Hopper Doors

Once your refuse chutes are installed, you need to provide residents or employees a safe, secure way of accessing them to dispose of waste. Our secure hopper doors fit the bill perfectly.

Designed and built to the highest standards, and tested at one of Europe’s leading fire testing facilities, our hoppers will resist smoke, fire and even deliberate vandalism, ensuring that your chutes and your property remains as safe and secure as possible.

Secure, Safe Hopper Doors

All of our smoke proof constructed (SPC) hopper doors have been tested repeatedly to ensure that they meet the following requirements and standards:

Smoke Resistant – to BS476 section 31.1 and BS5588
Fire Resistant – to BS476 part 22, section 6
Vandal Proof – to BS1703 section
Self-closing – to BS1703

Furthermore, our hoppers are all designed to fit flush with your walls and are available in any colour to ensure that they are discreet and unobtrusive.

We currently supply the following hoppers for the UK market:

SPC Hoppers (standard for all our refuse chutes)
SPC/MK7 ‘Extn’ Hoppers (for a direct feed into ground-floor bins)
SPC/MK7 Side Hung Doors (provides an alternative to hoppers on the ground floor)
SPC/RS Hoppers (for replacement of hoppers on existing clay or concrete chutes)
Recycling Hoppers (see our recycling chutes page for further information)

For full sizing and configuration information on our hoppers, or for a quotation, contact us today.