Linen and Laundry Chutes

Linen Chute - UKMove Soiled or Dirty Linen and Laundry with a Minimum of Effort

Hospitals, hotels and nursing homes need to meet the highest standards of hygiene – which means that huge amounts of linen and laundry need to be moved each and every day.

The fastest, most time and cost-effective way to do this is with the use of a stainless steel linen chute from UK Chutes. We’re able to install both internal and external chutes, depending on your space requirements.

Technical Specifications

For use in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and private residences

Materials: UK Chutes use lightweight and hardwearing stainless steel, typically of 1.5mm thickness
Sizes: Circular sections of 450 – 850mm diameter (we recommend 600mm diameter for laundry chutes)
Finish: All chute doors are made from stainless steel with a grained satin finish
Safety: Chute doors are finished with rounded edges and a hydraulic closing mechanism, while fire doors are fitted on the first floor of the chute
Accessories: Electrical interlocks, fire control equipment and automatic cleaning systems can be installed

Bespoke Linen Chutes

UK Chutes’ team of experts are able to design, manufacture and install bespoke linen chutes for any building. If you require something above and beyond our standard laundry chute systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements directly.